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  • turning: n 旋轉,轉動;轉向;彎曲;轉彎處;鏇制[車削]工藝;鏇坯;〈pl 〉鏇屑;製作。 take the first turnin...
  • ability: n 能,能力,本領,技能;〈pl 〉 才,才能,才幹。 financial abilities 財力。 a man of ability 有本...
  • index: n (pl es dices )1 索引。2 指標,標準,標志。3 示[食]指 (=index finger)。4 指數。5 【印刷】指...

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  1. Unqualified capital index, high liquidity debt ratio, high bad loan ratio and weak adaptive ability can induce liquidity risk

  2. Abstract : in this paper, the axis angle index measurement of stator turning and boring machine tools is realized by using 8031 micro - computer, open a new way to high accuracy the numerical display technical recinstruction

  3. In the past time, people are often concerned about the maneuverability in the still water, for example, the course - keeping stability, turning ability and so on

  4. 3. the limitation is analyzed of 30 - criterion in traditional statistical quality control, the concept of 6 a criterion in modern quality control is introduced, and the definitions are developed of more comprehensive manufacturing ability and manufacturing ability index

  5. Evaluation for work ability index scale