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  • turning: n 旋轉,轉動;轉向;彎曲;轉彎處;鏇制[車削]工藝;鏇坯;〈pl 〉鏇屑;製作。 take the first turnin...
  • ability: n 能,能力,本領,技能;〈pl 〉 才,才能,才幹。 financial abilities 財力。 a man of ability 有本...
  • with:
  • large: adj 1 (體積,空間,數量,規模等)大的,巨大的;(權限等)廣泛的。2 (心胸)寬廣的,度量大的;(...
  • rudder: n. (船等的)舵;【航空】方向舵;指針;領導人,指導者;麥芽漿攪拌棒;【動物;動物學】尾羽。 an internal rudder 【火箭】燃氣舵。adj. -less 無舵的,無領導者的。
  • angle: n 【英史】盎格魯人〈cf Angles〉。n 1 角,隅,角落;棱,嬗角。2 【數學】角,角位,角的度數。3 【機...

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  1. Through systemic analyzing on spiral helical gear transmission with different basic parameters, the essay found out rules of how can such basic parameters influence spiral helical gear engagement characteristics. so it brings forward the auxiliary assembling mode of adopting one straight gear and one helical gear on condition of little axial angle as well as treasures to ameliorate ill engagement performance on condition of large axial angle, another two jobs of the essay are to clarify the wrong concept that spiral helical gear can only transmit movement but not impetus and to provide a brief and practical method of analyzing contact for gear pairs whose surface equations can be written out directly

  2. It is applied to the high - altitude with large move - ability

  3. For spaceborne sar system with large squint angle, the main error source of classical range - doppler algorithm is analyzed which causes the loss in image quality

  4. A modified range - doppler algorithm for spaceborne sar with large squint angle is presented and the quality of images of simulated point target echoes gained by two algorithms are list in the paper

  5. It is difficult to replicate hinge moment accurately and rapidly because surplus torque affect dynamic performances of load simulator system badly with large intensity and continuous variation derived from variable velocity of rudder system