turning ability中文意思是什麼

turning ability解釋

  • turning: n 旋轉,轉動;轉向;彎曲;轉彎處;鏇制[車削]工藝;鏇坯;〈pl 〉鏇屑;製作。 take the first turnin...
  • ability: n 能,能力,本領,技能;〈pl 〉 才,才能,才幹。 financial abilities 財力。 a man of ability 有本...

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  1. He is a person of unusually great ability.

  2. Nana was dumfounded by this ebullition of jealousy, and, greatly moved by the way things were turning out, she took him in her arms and comforted him to the best of her ability

  3. Further acceleration only compounds the push, as weight shifts back to the rear drive wheels, off of the front turning wheels, leading to a further lessening of the car ' s ability to turn in

  4. An important feature of cad / cam in machining operations is its ability to describe tool paths in operations such as nc turning, milling, and drilling

    在機床操作中cad / cam系統的一個重要特徵是它描述刀具諸如數控鏇制、銑、鉆之類的路徑。
  5. Turning a fragment of code into its own method gives you the ability to quickly and accurately reorganize code for better reuse and readability. extract method