two-firm model中文意思是什麼

two-firm model解釋

  • two: n. (pl. twos)1. 兩人;兩個東西,一對。2. 二的記號。3. 兩點鐘。4. 兩歲。n. -ness
  • firm: adj 1 堅固的,堅牢的;穩固的。2 堅定的,堅決的。3 【商業】固定的 (opp optional) (貨幣)堅挺的...
  • model: n 1 模型,雛型;原型;設計圖;模範;(畫家、雕刻家的)模特兒;樣板。2 典型,模範。3 (女服裝店僱...

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  1. Firstly, the ms ( maitland - smith ) potential model is improved in part two. the model possesses advantages of the simpler functional representation, the fewer adjustable parameters, the more flexible form, and it is easy to apply

    在第二部分,我們首先改進了ms ( maitland - smith )勢能模型,改進的勢能模型具有表達函數簡單、可調參數少、形式靈活、便於應用等優點。
  2. The main content and contribution in this dissertation are as follows : 1. the rrs wireless channel characteristic and the two - path model are described and a simulation model of the pcm / fm rss system is introduced

    本文的主要工作和貢獻之處: 1 .分析了再入遙測無線通道特性及雙徑模型,建立了pcm / fm再入遙測系統模擬模型。
  3. This paper described a cold gas simulation of solid rocket motor with submerged nozzle. a two - dimension model with rectangular channel was designed, which can simulate different flow conditions at three periods after ignition

  4. Twin - lock : tie the hair into two firm bundles like two branching tree stumps, also called “ hair locks ”

  5. Using a two - period model, we show that in an alchian - demsetz firm, even in a finite period game setting, effort levels of both team members are higher than what are commonly perceived to be achievable