two-layers nickel plating中文意思是什麼

two-layers nickel plating解釋

  • two: n. (pl. twos)1. 兩人;兩個東西,一對。2. 二的記號。3. 兩點鐘。4. 兩歲。n. -ness
  • layers: 板層
  • nickel: n 【化學】鎳;〈美、加〉五分鎳幣;(一般)鎳幣。 a nickel note 〈美國〉五元鈔票。 a nickel nurser...
  • plating: n. 1. (電)鍍,噴鍍;鍍金(術)。2. 鍍層;外覆金屬板;【造船】(全部)船殼板;(兵艦等的)裝甲。3. 【攝影】曬相。4. 懸賞賽馬。

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  1. Pour in the triple sec then the vodka on top. then with a straw, add the blue curacao to create a thin blue line between the two layers

    (白橙皮酒在下層,極少的香橙酒在中間形成藍線的效果,再加伏特加於其上。 )
  2. In many lakes in summer that is a warm low - density layer ( epilimnion ) lying above a colder denser layer ( the hypolimnion ), the zone of rapid temperature change between the two layers being celled the thermocline

    夏季,多數湖中溫暖的低密度水層(湖面溫水層)在寒冷的較高密度水層(湖底凈水層)之上,中間夾有溫度改變較快的水層(變溫層) 。
  3. The software system has such characteristics as follow : all the information including streaming media are transported in transport - layer. its speed is much higher than in application - layer because it cuts down the time in data processing between two layers and can transport more pure data in equal time

  4. Technical conditions of addition agent for bright nickel plating

  5. Winner electronic always think much of development of the quality. among the manufacturers which producing infiltrating nickel plating steel strip / connector and hardware used in rechargeable batteries manufacturing, winner electronic is the only one which pass the following two certifications - - - both iso9001 : 2000 quantity system and import & export system

    惠能重視品質的培育,在專業製作滲透鍍鎳鋼帶/連接片;二次電池用五金的廠商中,是目前唯一通過iso9001 : 2000質量體系和進出口體系雙認證的生產廠商。