two-lobe epitrochoidal bore中文意思是什麼

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  • two: n. (pl. twos)1. 兩人;兩個東西,一對。2. 二的記號。3. 兩點鐘。4. 兩歲。n. -ness
  • lobe: n. 1. 耳垂。2. 【植物;植物學】裂片;圓裂片;滾裂片。3. 【無線電】波瓣,瓣。4. 【解剖學】(肺、腦、肝等的)葉。5. 【機械工程】凸角。6. (氣球的)舵囊,氣袋。
  • bore: n 1 膛;膛腔;孔,孔腔;眼,炮眼;槍膛,炮膛。2 膛徑,孔徑,口徑,內徑。3 鉆[擴]孔器,錐,膛頭。v...

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  1. Seated beside him, i bore the ordeal for two hours.

  2. Additionally, high adc values were found in the hippocampus, temporal lobe gray matter and the corpus callosum, which connects the two cerebral hemispheres

  3. Ground coupled heat pump system two vertical and two inclined bore holes 32 metres into the earth capture underground heat and provide cooling or heating

  4. Two - lobe blower

  5. With two structures of bore cylindrical or tapered and retainers made of steel sheet or synthetic resins, the bearings are characteristic of their spherically formed outer ring raceways allowing for misalignment within 3 degree deflection between inner ring and outer ring, so as to compensate concentricity and deflection errors