typhonic rock中文意思是什麼

typhonic rock解釋

  • typhonic: adj. 臺風(似)的。
  • rock: n 1 巖,巖石,磐石,巖壁;卵石;〈常 pl 〉〈美口〉石子兒;暗礁,巖礁。2 〈the R 〉直布羅陀 (Gibr...

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  1. The rock walls sometimes supply heat, sometimes absorb it.

  2. ( 4 ) based on the analysis and summary of typical orogenic belt in china, advancing the marker to distinguish the exist of delamination occurred in orogenic belt, especially giving up some new marker such as ring ultrabasic - basic - medium acid rock body, local bimodal continental rifting volcanic activity ; rapakivi granite, etc. ( 5 ) collating the main stages of south part of sanjiang orogenic belts evolution after the close of old nanchangjiang ocean, i

  3. The acropolis hill, so called the " sacred rock " of athens, is the most important site of the city

  4. Some rocks, like gray volcanic pumice, are laced with air pockets created when gases expanded inside the rock while it was still molten

  5. So these karst series problems are lowness ability of making soils, distributing odds of surface water and groundwater, leakiness of fountain, alkalescence of circumstance, lowness of bio - diversity, rapidness converse succession of vegetation and fragility of soil character and entironment. and karst region produces many problems, e. g. rock desert, soil erosion and degeneration because of artificial influence and destruction