typical local dishes and refreshments中文意思是什麼

typical local dishes and refreshments解釋

  • typical: adj. 1. 代表的,典型的。2. 模範的,成為標本的。3. 特有的,獨特的。4. 象徵的。adv. -ly ,-ness, -ty n.
  • local: adj 1 地方的,當地的,本地的。2 局部的。3 鄉土的,狹隘的,片面的。4 【郵政】本市的,本地的;【鐵...
  • dishes: 烘烤用的盤子
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • refreshments: 茶點,小吃

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  1. Golden wares and glittering crystal cups in the extra large vip room shows all its elegance and luxuriance. the service is provided during 11 00am - 14 00pm and 17 00pm - 22 00pm. here offers most unique seafoods and dishes prepared with local specialties and you can enjoy all these beautiful things with wonderful background music

  2. French and french cuisine : using local seasonal produce bought in open markets students learn how to make typical french dishes, assimilate everyday expressions and new vocabulary

  3. Typical burmese dishes are curry - based and make use of chicken, seafood, and mutton

  4. After the video presentation and question - and - answer session, the visitors were offered a variety of sumptuous vegetarian dishes created from local foodstuffs and prepared by fellow initiates, along with soft drinks made of soy beans and corn sprouts

  5. The chinese restaurant is of zhejiang and jiangsu style, where you can enjoy typical delicious dishes, fresh and elegant