UAT = 〈法語〉 Union Aéromaritime de Transport 〈法國〉聯合海空運輸公司。


    1. Unavailable time uat

    2. During uat, end users will have to operate the system and will have to accept the training material before the deployment of the increment

    3. If deployment is to be carried out for each increment, the first execution of the training will have to be done before the first increment s user acceptance test ( uat )

    4. On the wide references of the literatures on goodwill and its evaluation, we analyze the attribute, character and the particularity of the evaluation of goodwill detai ledly in this article, and expatiate the present theory of goodwi11 eva i uat i on synthetica11y

    5. The solution s characteristic of the elliptic type eq uat ion and the system of elliptic type equations with first order are discussed by using the methods of several complex analysis. a series new extended results of t he soutions for the system of elliptic type equations are obtained