n. 名詞 (牛、羊等的)乳房;乳腺。


    1. The calf fumbled for its mother ' s udder for milk

    2. The training course on livestock production diseases control is lectured mainly on biosecurity epidemic disease prevention and treatment of dairy cattle in livestock farms, fine quality dairy production, biosecurity measures for prevention of dairy udder diseases, mastitis, artificial insemination technology, abomasums displacement, caesarean section technology on the standing cows, dairy reproduction failures, etc. the training course is instructed by the combination of lectures with practices

    3. To regulate the provision of electronic programme guide service udder the competition provisions in the broadcasting ordinance ( cap. 562 ) andor the telecommunications ordinance ( cap. 106 ), as appropriate ( paragraph 6. 14 )

      根據《廣播條例》 (第562章)及或《電訊條例》 (第106章) (視何者適用而定)內的保障競爭條文,規管提供電子節目指南服務(第6
    4. Where the udder has partially or totally dried up, supplementary feed must be provided to the piglets ( milk powder, electrolytes, creep feed ), or they must be fostered onto a sow still yielding sufficient milk

    5. Article 29 whoever is guilty of manufacturing, processing, repacking or importing any feed or feed additive in any manner udder article 20 ( 4 ), ( 5 ), ( 6 ) or ( 7 ) or utilizing any feed or feed additive in any manner under article 20 ( 1 ), ( 4 ) or ( 5 ) hereof shall be punishable by fine ranging from 6, 000 to 20, 000 yuan