UEA = Universal Esperanto Association 國際世界語協會。


    1. The result of experiment shows that und er the conditions of proper ai r - entraining, concrete with 20 % fly ash has excellent frost - resistance. the frost - resistance of concrete with 55 % fly - ash which is admixed with united expansive agent ( uea ) has been improved greatly. the frost - resistance of sulfate aluminate cement concrete with high volume of fly - ash is dramatically lower than that of silicate cement concrete with the same volume of fly - ash

    2. University of east anglia uea

    3. The research of compensation for shrinkage in super high - strength concrete by uea

    4. The main league table ranks the universities by measuring nine key aspects of university activity, ranging from student satisfaction, where uea is joint top mainstream university in england, and entry standards to student - staff ratio and graduate prospects

    5. Incorporating with mineral admixtures could control the tendency of evening shrinkage of hpc, but the effect is not much remarkable. and the expansive agent uea could compensate shrinkage, but different curing conditions have significant effects on the volume stabilization of hpc. it is necessary to enhance the water curing at the young age and try the best to prolong the curing time