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  1. But ueda is no drill sergeant, and this is no ordinary boot camp

  2. No. 29, yuji road, yichang, hubei, china yichang

  3. Montagny, who will make his first monaco start this weekend, was drafted in by the team earlier this month to replace yuji ide

  4. Yuji yamauchi, 56, has lived in a tarpaulin tent in a park in the western industrial city of osaka since 2000, kyodo news agency said. " the tent is simply constructed of pieces of wood and tarpaulin

    據路透社1月23日報道,現年56歲的yuji yamauchi自從2000年起一直居住在位於該國西部工業城市大阪的一家公園內的一頂防水油布帳篷內。
  5. With a third chassis now available, the frenchman will get to test alongside takuma sato and yuji ide while he continues discussions with the team regarding further opportunities