int. 感嘆詞 嘿!呸!啊!〈表示憎厭、恐怖等〉。


    1. A gas - guzzling suv - ugh - from taylor ' s dad ' s dealership -

    2. Your my destiny, you wanna be with me so holla if you hear me ( ugh ! )

    3. And there were as many counsellors there as here, he went on, returning to the superfluity of advisers, a subject which evidently occupied his mind. ugh, counsellors and counsellors ! he said

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    5. Abstract : in this paper, the stress field in a long rectangle platen being upset ( after bulge profile emerging ) is resolved by mathmatic analytic metho d, the tension stress zones formed elliptic shape curves in upset are found thro ugh quantitative calculation, the relation between the zones and the basic upsett ing parameters is obtained