音標 ['ʌgli]
adj. 形容詞 (-lier; -liest)1. 丑的,醜陋的,難看的。
2. (道德上)丑惡的,邪惡的;丟臉的,(傳說的)難聽的;不愉快的,(工作等)討厭的。
3. 〈口語〉愛吵架的,性情別扭的;險惡的;(天氣等)像要刮風下雨的。
n. 名詞 〈口語〉1. 醜陋的人[東西]。
2. (十九世紀流行的)女帽(上的絲質)遮陽。
n. 名詞 -liness


    1. It was at present a place perfectly accordant with man's nature--neither ghastly, hateful, nor ugly.

    2. He said the ugly one can marry to his adjutant

    3. Lanchon was in his fifties, an ugly baldheaded man with small stumpy legs and a greedy, twitching mouth.

    4. Anticipating your wishes, i have desired the same horses you came with to be put to one of my carriages, and ali, he whom you think so very ugly, " continued he, addressing the boy with a smiling air, " will have the honor of driving you home, while your coachman remains here to attend to the necessary repairs of your calash

      我已吩咐把那兩匹拉您來的馬套在了我的車子上,並叫阿里,也就是你認為長得太丑的那個人, 」他面帶微笑對那孩子說道, 「趕車送你們回家,而您的車夫則暫時留在這兒,照料修理您的車子。
    5. The lively little spirit ariel had no evil in his nature, except that he took rather too much pleasure in troubling an ugly monster called caliban, whom he hated because he was the son of his old enemy sycorax