int. 感嘆詞 1. 嗯嗯 (= yes)。
2. 〈讀時帶重鼻音〉嗯 (= no)。
vi. 不及物動詞 〈美俚〉求愛。

  • uh: int. 1. = huh. 2. 嗯〈講話時思索一個詞兒或凝思時所發出的聲音〉。
  • huh: int. 哼!〈表示輕蔑、吃驚或疑問的感嘆詞〉。


  1. Good job. let me wcamine the results. uh - huh, your bronchial tube is obstructed badly. i believe this is a result of your cigarette smoking

  2. Uh - huh ? this old french whore walks into a bar.

    嗯哼?有個法國妓女進了家酒吧. .
  3. Uh - huh, sound effects could be a little bit louder

  4. uh - huh. ” she nods her head enthusiastically as young children do, and points her finger to my eye. “ they have red. . ” unable to adequately describe my eyes with her preschool vocabulary, she makes a squiggly motion with her hand, indicating to me that i have red lines on my eyes. “ and a little bit of green

    啊哈『她像小孩子一樣使勁的點頭,用手指著我的眼睛說: 「它們是紅的… … 」 ,但是她不能用她現有的詞匯表達清楚她的意思,所以她用手示意告訴我,我的眼睛下面有一條紅線還有一點點綠。
  5. When listening to her, reassure her that you are interested by making little noises like ah ha, uh ? huh, oh, mmhuh, and hmmmm