n. 名詞 ,adj. 形容詞 (pl. Uighur(s))1. 維吾爾(族)人(的)。
2. 維吾爾語(的)。


    1. On the law terms translation of chinese and uighur and the abided rules

    2. In accordance with the main problems encountered in traditional tts system, the article focused on the summary of prosodic rules of nature speech, design of speech corpus, synthesis methods and so on, a uighur tts system based on variable - length concatenating units is realized

    3. It has been found that the han culture of the group has changed while they have learned and absorbed many cultural elements from the local uighur community

    4. Information processing - uighur coded graphic character sets for information interchange

    5. Firstly, this article solves problems in the uighur text analysis, such as syllable separation, and summarize stress ? pause and tone rules of prosodic based on the features of the uighur language and phonetics. then propose the design of ? context vector ?, and uses greedy algorithm to optimize corpus. at last, this article introduces synthesis method using variable - length concatenating units