uin umts information node umts中文意思是什麼

uin umts information node umts解釋

  • uin: 宇胤
  • umts: 全球移動通訊系統論壇
  • information: n. 1. 通知,通報,報告。2. 報導,消息,情報。3. 資料,知識,學識。4. 【自動化】信息,數據。5. 【法律】起訴,告發。adj. -al
  • node: n 1 節;結;瘤;【蟲類】結脈。2 【植物;植物學】莖節;【醫學】硬結腫;結,節結;【天文學】交點。3...

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  1. For more information about client - side node population, see

  2. Each row stores the following node information

  3. Between node and node, and between node and centralized index server, messages are used to carry information which accomplishes control functionalities of resource searching and locating

  4. Then, after the depiction of the network architectures of umts and utran, the five synchronization issues in utran, including the " network synchronization ", " node synchronization ", " transport channel synchronization ", " radio interface synchronization " and " time alignment handling ", are discussed in detail

  5. Firstly, this paper shows the overview of these new technologies, and how wcdma system works with them ; secondly, tells about the modeling and simulation of hsupa system, and the study of the the performance of new technology and its influence on the radio network coverage ; thirdly, studys the node b scheduling mechanism and give a new algothrim to guarantee the efficiency when using the radio uplink resources ; at last, some typical umts traffic models are studied, and an algothrim to grarantee the qos of all the traffics while there are multi - traffics in cell is given