ultimate interest中文意思是什麼

ultimate interest解釋

  • ultimate: adj 1 最後的,最終的,極限的,結局的。2 根本的,首要的,基本的。3 最遠的;終極的;【力學】最大的...
  • interest: n 1 利害關系,利害;〈常pl 〉 利益。2 趣味;感興趣的事。3 興趣,關注;愛好。4 重要性;勢力;影響...

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  1. Suspense adds interest to a story.

  2. For this reason this thesis studies the theory of the deep - psychology, modern explanation, acceptance aesthetics education psychology and chinese pedagogy, it investigates that the education tactics of the west modernist literature in the 20th century in chinese of senior middle school, which can arouse students " feeling of ultimate valuation, help them to become persons who have a great deal of humans accomplishment and tasteful aesthetics interest. this study can also provide assistance for middle school teacher to teach the west modernist literature in the 20th century. the main points of this thesis are as follows

  3. Then introduce the purchase method and pooling of interest respectively. finally come to the conclusion that purchase will be the ultimate unique method of business combination

  4. Not only our art education will possess " foster lofty beauty appreciation temperament and interest and specified beauty appreciation capability " actuality that awaits in the near future education target, but also surely possess the ultimate aim

  5. Starting from this content, under the marxist basic principle ' s guidance, basing on the affirmation of the modern value of the management ethics of guan tzu, combining do mestic and foreign management ethics and management practice, we can enlarge the mentality meaning of guan tzu. and then we may form the modern management ethics. its merit precondition is the humanity hypothesis of combining self - interest and inter - interest ; its basic value is the management measures is the ethic management of combining culture and institution ; its management indemnification is the balance of interest of combining fairness and efficiency ; its ultimate object is the model of combining economic mileage and social mileage