adj. 形容詞 沒有裝飾的;不加渲染的;原來的,自然的,樸素的。


    1. Unadorned and kind hotan people work hard day and night, wearing big hats which can stop wind and sand, shade sunshine in summer, keep warm and resist against wind and snow in winter

    2. They were old second - class cars, but instead of cane seats or glass windowpanes that could be raised or lowered, they had wooden benches polished by the warm, unadorned bottoms of the poor

    3. Life world is a world which exists in a way in itself and a field of mankind living that consists of tradition, customs, experience, daily sense, unadorned feelings and natural resources etc., and it has six characteristics, visibility, nature in itself, repeatability, experientialism, unadornedness, praticality

      生活世界是處於一種自在狀態的世界,是以傳統、習俗、經驗、常識、 ?實感情與自然資源等因素構成的人的生存的場域,直觀性、自在性、重復性、經驗性、 ?實性與實用性是其六大特徵。
    4. Our unadorned innocence is like the tenderness of a shy plant, by the light touch of a companion it already curls up, but in the clear sunlight, in the calm wind, its posture is natural, its life is without embarassement

    5. The house, which had been built at the end of the eighteenth century, stood in the middle of a huge square enclosure. it was perfectly unadorned, but the garden possessed magnificent shady trees and a chain of tanks fed by running spring water