unanticipated request中文意思是什麼

unanticipated request解釋

  • unanticipated: 非先行的
  • request: n 1 請求,懇求,懇請;要求,需要。2 要求物,需要品,請求之事;請求文,請願書。vt (鄭重或正式)請...

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  1. But, in accordance with dantes's request, he began to speak of other matters.

  2. Many doctors working on the battlefield of terminal suffering think that only squeamishness demands a firm difference between passive and active euthanasia on request

  3. Our society is becoming more colorful, and the contact of the people is closer, so the audience ' s request for news dissemination represents diversity and individuality, the request for news has a brand new taste and standard, and especially for the aesthesia of information, which needs to be deeper, wider, higher and quicker

  4. Requirement / request that all vessels transiting the aleutian route subscribe to / participate in the vessel tracking / monitoring system

  5. To complete an asynchronous send of a server request