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  1. Our " standard " product line includes cylindrical lenses, lenses, plano - convex cylindrical lenses, plano - concave cylindrical lenses, spherical lenses, aspherical lenses, prism, filter, window, achromatic lenses and reflector etc

  2. These ideas explain why high numerical aperture, apochromatic lenses can separate extremely small details in blue light

  3. Articles and materials from synthetic for use in underground mines ; sheeting, coated uncoated tissue, brattice materials and lagging mats ; safety requirements, testing, marking

  4. Photographic lenses ; their influence on colour rendition of colour films ; recommended values for colour contribution index

  5. This setup, known as a conoscope, is shown in figure 14. 2 and consists of two stress - free plano - convex lenses a and b

    此裝置稱為錐光鏡,如圖14 2所示,它由a和b兩個無應力平凸透鏡組成。