underhand shot中文意思是什麼

underhand shot解釋

  • underhand: adj adv 1 【板球、網球】低位手的[地]〈手的位置在肩或肘的水平線下〉;低手扔[打]的[地];(射箭)瞄...
  • shot: adj 1 打[發射]出去的;被射中的;發了芽的。2 〈美俚〉壞得不能再使用的;註定要失敗的。3 【紡織;印...

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  1. Here ' s another action shot where it ' s important to leave more space in front of a moving subject than behind it

  2. The lavender - hued volleyball strip depicts the tense action as the setter positions the ball perfectly for the spiker to send her deadly shot into the opposite court. an equally exciting episode is captured in the cycling strip, set against a vibrant green background, as the cyclist manoeuvres a thrilling pass before pulling away to race across the finish line. the badminton set, which features a warm brown tone, captures four dramatic action shots during an intense game

  3. I aim by sound and i am an expert shot.

  4. They say that alex is to be tried and shot.

  5. Just as the first ray of the rising sun shot like a golden arrow athwart this desolation we gained the further gateway of the outer wall.