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  • income: n (定期)收入,所得,收益。 an earned [unearned] income 勞動[不勞]所得。 draw a large income 收...

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  1. The agiotage adopts the service mode that " the passway is made " at the beginning of market development, such traditional operation mode has caused the tradesman of the behavior in securities trader ' s seller ' s market, weakness that this kind of traditional, regular, single operation mode caused securities trader ' s profit to be with single mode too at the same time, the income curve correlate with height of general trend of market development, exist and deviate from with investors " interests too on the value orientations

    本文通過探索我國證券經紀業務的發展歷史和趨勢,得出最根本的結論是營業部轉型是必然,變「坐商」為「行商」 ,由「單一通道服務」向「綜合理財營銷服務」變革是轉型的核心所在。東北證券江陰營業部作為傳統服務模式的代表,本文詳細闡述了營業部結合自身實際應該採取的轉型策略及轉型后營銷策略,為指導營業部經營機制改革提供了系統的解決方案。
  2. My situation is as much altered as my income.

  3. It puts forward that the realization of human capital ' s involvement in the distribution of the income of enterprise, a further arrangement of the system of human capital of soes in the distribution of the income of the enterprise should be made and further the system of technology stock, annal - pay system and stock system

  4. A life insurance company contract that pays periodic income benefits for a specific period of time or over the course of the annuitant ' s lifetime

  5. A common characteristic of the cfc legislations of those countries is the taxation imposed on the domestic residential shareholders of the foreign companies for those undistributed income of these foreign companies, though there exist numerous differences in the scope and application of the various cfc legislative regimes