unfair labor practice strike中文意思是什麼

unfair labor practice strike解釋

  • unfair: adj. 不公平的,不公正的,有偏私的;不光明正大的,不正直的。 unfair means 卑劣手段。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • labor: n. ,〈美國〉= labour
  • practice: n 1 實行,實踐,實施;實際;實用;做法,技術。2 習慣,慣例,常規。3 練習,演習,實習,實驗;老練...
  • strike: vt (struck; struck 〈古語〉 stricken;striking)1 打,敲,擊,毆;碰,撞,攻擊,沖擊。2 (用尖刀...

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  1. The labor union voted against a strike.

  2. But with the acceleration of managing state affairs according to law, justifiability and validity of reeducation through labor comes into question, especially the delay of legislation has a strong impact on the course of socialist legal system construction and practice of reeducation through labor

  3. Such an unfair social phenomenon must be dealt with. the government should no longer follow the established practice of leaving these people to fend for themselves

  4. With the absent treatment of tariff barriers and the decrease of non - tariff barriers such as administrative restriction, particularly under the background that china acceded to wto on december 11th, 2001 and has dramatically reduced its tariffs, it has become very significant for china to use the legal and internationally prevailing trade protection means to protect its domestic industries from the impact of unfair trade practice from abroad and to maintain fair international competition environment and normal international trade order

  5. “ the walt disney company and its affiliates take claims of unfair labor practices very seriously and investigates any such allegations thoroughly, ” the company said in a statement. “ we have a strong commitment to the safety and well - being of workers, and fair and just labor standards

    「迪尼斯公司及其附屬機構非常嚴肅地對不公用工發出聲明,並且會對任何這種指責進行徹底地調查, 」迪尼斯公司在一個聲明中說, 「我們一直承諾為工人提供安全舒適的工作環境、公平合適的勞工標準。 」