union de periodistasde cuba中文意思是什麼

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  • union: n 1 聯合,結合,合併;團結,融洽,一致。2 同盟,聯盟。3 公會,協會;工會;〈U 〉 大學生俱樂部。4 ...
  • de: DE = destroyer escort 護航驅逐艦。de1〈拉丁語〉 = down from from off de facto 事實上(的)。 de...
  • cuba: n. 古巴〈拉丁美洲〉。

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  1. With the approval of the international cyclists union, the tour de qinghai lake international road cycling race was upgraded to the status of asian top class competition putting it on a par with world famous cycling competitions like the tour de france, tour de italy and tour de spain

    經國際自行車聯盟的批準, 「環青海湖國際公路自行車賽」晉級為亞洲頂級賽事,這使其與「環法自行車賽」 、 「環義大利自行車賽」和「環西班牙自行車賽」等世界著名的自行車比賽並屬為同一級別。
  2. After the cold war, the soviet union, whose close relation with cuba was regarded as a great threat to u. s. national security, collapsed. the breakdown of the bipolar system of international relations disengaged cuba from the east - west axis

  3. Acosta is now coming to hong kong with elite dancers from the cuban national ballet, danza contempornea de cuba, conjunto folklrico nacional de cuba and a band of top cuban musicians to perform a critically acclaimed piece that he directed and choreographed himself : tocororo - a cuban tale

  4. Cuba has been confronted with unprecedented difficulties in economy, politics and diplomacy since the collapse of the former soviet union and east europe occurred

  5. In 2000, the hkcec is playing host to exhibition and convention industry prominent events. among them, the union de fories internationale ( ufi )

    多個國際性大型會議及展覽將於二零零零年假會展中心舉行,其中包括uniondeforiesinternationale ( ufi )於今年十月三十