universal indexing中文意思是什麼

universal indexing解釋

  • universal: adj 1 宇宙的,萬有的,萬物的;完全的,絕對的;全世界的。 2 人類全體的,萬人的;全面的,普及的,普...
  • indexing: 標定指數

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  1. Postal contract should be defined as a contract that based on universal service that the post office should send a mail from the addresser to the addressee, with the precondition that the addresser defray the uniform postage

  2. His courage compels universal admiration.

  3. For instance : the product of artificial intelligence, as the person that the production of artificial intelligence makes, he can fly, can dun land, can in too air play, help mankind to explore the universal universe besides the earth, help mankind to know more useful information ; can still promote communication and the connection between mankind and animal, can help to know future matter

    例如:人工智慧產品,如人工智慧製造出的「人」 ,他可以飛翔,可以遁地,可以在太空中遊玩,幫助人類探索地球以外的宇宙天地,幫助人類了解更多有用的信息;還可以促進人類與動物之間的聯系與溝通,可以幫助知道未來的事。
  4. The hypothetical universal solvent once sought by alchemists

  5. Thus, we on one hand should not simply analogize the chinese philosophy with the western philosophy, on the other hand, we should give attention to chinese philosophy ' s unique value and effect on building the universal philosophy of the human