unlifting pressure中文意思是什麼

unlifting pressure解釋

  • pressure: n 1 壓;按;擠;榨。2 【物理學】壓力,壓強;大氣壓力;電壓。3 精神壓力,政治[經濟、輿論等]壓力。4...

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  1. Alleviate the method of pressure : after coming home first loud growl should abreact the complaint in the heart 5 minutes come out ; sit on sofa to hear light music 15 minutes silently again, after passing, you can feel heart li shu is taken much

  2. In the high-pressure system both oxygen and acetylene are used from high-pressure cylinders.

  3. Time, in her flight, drops these fine old feathers. they discussed the collieries. clifford s idea was, that his coal, even the poor sort, could be made into hard concentrated fuel that would burn at great heat if fed with certain damp, acidulated air at a fairly strong pressure

  4. Before operations, 18 eyes displayed as acute angle - closure glaucoma, 5 eyes showed visible vitreous hernia in pupil area with high intraocular pressure

    18眼術前表現為急性閉角型青光眼的臨床特點, 5眼術前發現瞳孔區玻璃體疝伴高眼壓。
  5. Spectrum table for wide plus - dp adp series low, medium, high differential pressure transmitter

    Wideplus - dp adp小型低中高差壓變送器型譜表