unpaid invoice中文意思是什麼

unpaid invoice解釋

  • unpaid: adj. 1. 未付的,(債等)未還的,未繳納的。2. 不受酬的,名譽上的;沒薪水的;無報酬的。
  • invoice: n. 1. 【商業】發票,裝貨清單。2. 貨物的托運。vt. ,vi. 開(…的)發票,開(…的)清單。

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  1. Please send us the pro forma invoice including the air freight

  2. If be you, to the country tax bureau requirement takes the place of invoice, goods exceeds 8 kinds, be about to have the sales detailed account of form a complete set, you yourself can arrive the office of duty wu division with tax accessary bureau buys the nation blank sales detailed list, tax bureau gives the country of invoice making generation you computer of affix one ' s seal is printed, if the country of acting invoice wants yourself handiwork to autotype after tax bureau affix one ' s seal, after you autotype by hand with respect to oneself, give together with bill buy the buying party

  3. Cash sale invoice

  4. Commercial invoice is a document.

  5. Can i download invoice information and print it out