unsalable goods中文意思是什麼

unsalable goods解釋

  • unsalable: adj. 不能出賣的;賣不掉的;沒有銷路的。
  • goods: n. 〈pl. 〉1. 商品,貨物〈美國說 freight〉。 ★不與數目字連用。2. 動產。3. 〈the goods〉 〈美口〉本領;不負所望的人[物]。

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  1. An ivory merchant displays his goods in a shop in abidjan, ivory coast, on december 15

  2. We must not take combustible goods aboard.

  3. If buy the statement when the home applies for refund to did not get money, and you had delivered goods actually, so you need to be offerred inside 7 days deliver goods flourishing of proof of proof, the sign after receiving sth that buy the home, bilateral the flourishing that clean out treasure chats record, if you do not upload, the system will be acquiescent you did not get money and refund gives buy the home, if uploaded, need awaits patiently small the examine and verify of 2

  4. Goods number : weaving agglutinates nonwoven p1215

  5. Both the complicatedness varieties trees, the thick liquid material that the material differs greatly and the remaining leftover bits after wood processing, wood shaving, sawdust, sub thick liquid, cotton stalk, hemp stalk, bush, crudefiber crop, rice wheatgrass, reed, crudefiber crop, many kinds of goods thick liquid board, wasted paper, bagasse, agrimony etc. canbe fasten separated into the good fibre with higher velocity and proper to rub a block of interval