unsalted butter中文意思是什麼

unsalted butter解釋

  • unsalted: 不加醬的
  • butter: n 1 黃油,白脫油。2 (植物)脂;脂狀物,醬;像黃油的東西。3 〈口語〉奉承話,巴結話。4 焊膏。vt 1 ...

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  1. The greatest activity could be obtained on the condition of 8 % salt concentration, 1 : 20 ratio of abomasums and butter, 30w / cm2 supersonic strength and 40min extraction time

    在食鹽濃度8 ,皺胃與提取液比例1 : 15時,用30w cm2超聲強度提取40min ,可獲得最大的凝乳活性。
  2. The allowance of fresh butter was short.

  3. Could you stop at the supermarket on your way home and get some baking powder, coffee and butter for me ?

  4. Dairyman crick was discovered stamping about the house. he had received a letter, in which a customer had complained that the butter had a twang. and begad, so t have

  5. " yubeng " brand butter pump adopt national inventing patent technology " multi - grade high - pressure coaxial connecting structure " patent no. 20042005191. x. blooey rate reduces and improves using time

    「玉泵」牌黃油泵採用了國家發明專利「多級高壓泵同軸聯接機構」技術,專利號200420005191 . x 。運行故障率大大減少,提高了使用壽命。