unsalted dried fish中文意思是什麼

unsalted dried fish解釋

  • unsalted: 不加醬的
  • dried: adj 乾燥的,干縮的。 dried alum 【化學】焦礬。 dried bêche de mer 干海參。 dried beef 牛肉乾;〈...
  • fish: n 菲什〈姓氏〉。n (pl fishes 〈集合詞〉 fish)1 魚;〈集合詞〉魚類;魚肉。 ★說魚的若干種類時用 f...

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  1. Flax seed, blackstrap molasses, rice bran, primary dried yeast, sunflower seed, freeze dried liver, dehydrated alfalfa, dried carrot, freeze dried bone, dried fish meal, freeze dried oyster, sprouted green barley, dried kelp, lecithin, garlic and yucca schidigera extract

    亞麻仔、赤糖糊、米糠、乾酵母、冷凍乾內臟、向日葵仔、脫水紫花苜蓿、乾胡蘿卜、冷凍乾骨頭、乾魚餐、冷凍乾? 、少量的新葉芽、乾巨藻、卵磷脂、大蒜、絲蘭取萃物。
  2. These two fishing villages are similar enough to be appealing and in this issue, tai o s characteristic wooden stilt - houses, a fishing boat and the local specialty of dried salted fish are depicted in the $ 1. 40 and $ 3 stamps. portrayed in the $ 2. 40 and $ 5 stamps is the palafitte landing stage of aldeia da carrasqueira

  3. Products : lobworm, blach shell, dried fish etc

  4. Another specialty they do here is a shredded, dried fish made by pounding sailfish and salt from kaohsiung harbor. it doesn t contain any fishbones and it s crispiness complements rice perfectly

  5. Be careful ! dried fish is bad for your health