urumqi (xinjinang autonomous region)中文意思是什麼

urumqi (xinjinang autonomous region)解釋

  • urumqi: 新疆烏魯木齊
  • autonomous: adj. 1. 自治的,自主的。2. 【植、生】自發的。
  • region: n. 1. 地方,地域,地帶;地區;行政區,管轄區,區;左近,鄰近;(大氣、海水等的)層,界,境。2. 【解剖學;動物學】(身體的)局部,部位。3. (學問等的)范圍,領域。4. 〈罕用語〉天空。

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  1. Analysis on prevalence of ehf in inner mongolia autonomous region

  2. Located to the south of china 's inner-mongolia plateau is the world 's largest loess plateau, traversing the entire territory of shanxi province, part of shaanxi and gansu provinces, and the ningxia hui nationality autonomous region. it covers an area of approximately 600, 000 square kilometers and rises 1, 000 to 2, 000 meters above the sea level.

  3. Taking the reach with fluctuating backwater area in jiaokou hydroplant in xiujiang river, guanxi zhuang autonomous region for instance, this paper analyzes the water - sediment characteristics of the fluctuating backwater area, calculates the design level of this reach with samples of level and discharge, etc., and propounds the determination method for the designed lowest navigable level of reach with fluctuating backwater area

  4. At the training session, li changping, deputy director of the sichuan provincial animal husbandry bureau, presented a special report on the development of animal husbandry in the pastoral areas and science and technology ; lan mingjian, another deputy director of the bureau presented a report on the strategy for the industrialized development of animal husbandry in sichuan province ; ze baisuo, president of the sichuan prairie research institute, presented a report on the sustainable development of grassland animal husbandry ; mr. bazil fritz, a canadian expert on grassland animal husbandry, gave a report on the canadian experience of sustainable development of grassland animal husbandry and the progress achieved in the sustainable development of grassland animal husbandry in hailar of inner mongolia autonomous region ; and professor zhang hong, head of the department of resource and environment of sichuan normal university, gave a report on the relationship between eco - construction and economic development throughout chinas drive to develop its western regions

  5. Presently, there are only 370 of these donkeys left in the catalonian autonomous region, although there are also some, but only a few, left in southern france and in seville in spain