usb or rs-communication modes中文意思是什麼

usb or rs-communication modes解釋

  • usb: USB = universal serial bus 【計算機】通用串列總線〈一種簡化了插接多種附件的薄型插座〉。
  • or: or2,〈古、詩〉在…之前,比…更早〈普通用or ever, or e'er〉。n. 【徽章】黑金色,黑色。
  • rs: RS =Revised Statutes 〈加拿大〉《修整法案》〈指1867年加拿大由英殖民地變為自治領的法案〉。1. rupees. 2. rivers.
  • communication: n. 1. 通訊,通知;交換;信息;書信,口信,通報。2. 傳達,傳授;傳播;傳染。3. 交通,交通機關;聯系,連絡(設備)。4. 【宗教】接受聖餐。
  • modes: 模式

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  1. Computer software, office machines or office communication are only some things, which belong to the area of activity of plan technik buerosysteme gmbh

    Plan technik buerosysteme gmbh作為一家靈活的、有經驗的產品供應商為您提供高質量的電子通信系統,辦公用機器,計算機軟體。
  2. 5 communications wherever provision is made for the giving or issue of any notice, instruction, or other communication by any person, unless otherwise specified such communication shall be written in the language stated in the appendix, transmitted by hand ( requires receipt validation by receiving party ' s authorized representative ), telefacsimile or registered mail, and shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed

    通訊無論在何處提及任何人給予或簽發任何通知,指示或其它通訊時,除非另有規定,此類通訊應以附錄所述語言書寫,通過親手交付(要求有收信方授權代表的簽收確認) ,傳真或掛號信傳遞,並不應被不合理地保留或延誤。
  3. The effect of virtual team communication modes on trust and performance

  4. The main points are as follows : first, current video applications are classified by their communication modes, the network parameters are discussed in detail which affect the quality of video communications and the performance of typical networks are described

  5. Note2 : the instrument switch quantity output state on or off, only can set by communication mode rs - 232c communication or rs - 485 communication

    注2 :儀表開關量輸出狀態開或關,只能過通訊方式rs - 232c通訊或rs - 485通訊進行設定。