utilization of river water中文意思是什麼

utilization of river water解釋

  • utilization: n. 利用;效用。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • river: n 1 河,江。 Rriver Thames 或 the R Thames 泰晤士河; the Hudson R 〈美國〉哈得孫河。 the Rriver ...
  • water: n 1 水;雨水;露;〈常作 pl 〉 礦泉,溫泉;藥水。2 〈常 pl 〉水體;水域;水道;海;湖;河;海域;...

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  1. Hydrogeological feature as well as development and utilization of phreatic water in alluvial - lacustrine deposits of ding bian - jingbian plain, northern shanxi province

  2. It is necessary to know the conditions of river water quality in time in order to control and prevent the water pollutions in rivers

  3. The foreground of multi - source utilization of rain water and flood, recharge and replenishment, water reuse, and the method of operation and scheduling rule of groundwater reservoir were established

  4. The development and utilization of river - beach land resources in pengzhou city

  5. In this passage, author has studied the quota of irrigation that can make water used economically for various plants, if the irrigation quota can be lowered from 6795 m3 / a to 4500 m3 / a during the processes of irrigation, there will be a saving water amount of 3. 386million m3 / a, in shiyang river basin. there is no doubt that we can open the second source of river water that can provide the possibility of transporting 300 million m3 / a water amount to lower reaches of the river. in this paper, there are some analysis and prospects for the future situation of supply and demand of water resources in 2010

    民勤水資源減少的主要原因是人為因素,如全流域人口增加、中上游耕地面積擴大,用水量增加,造成灌區重心上移;沒有樹立可持續發展觀,在經濟中搞短期行為;對石羊河流入民勤水量不斷減少、地表水、地下水轉化活躍、生態用水問題突出等方面進行了分析論證;對目前開發利用現狀、供需狀況進行了較為詳細的計算和評價;通過對各種農作物節水灌溉定額的研究,若從現狀灌溉定額6795m ~ 3 ha降低到4500m ~ 3 ha實施灌溉,石羊河流域將節水3 . 3867億m ~ 3 ,這無疑于開辟了第二水源,提供了向下游調水3億m ~ 3的可能性。