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  • v:
  • chip: n 1 碎片,削片,薄片;碎屑;薄木片;無價值的東西。2 (陶器等的)缺損(處)。3 (賭博用)籌碼;〈p...

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  1. You kinda like a chocolate chip. you know what i ' m say - chip ahoy

  2. Illustrations of the destruction caused to ships by air blast from a nuclear explosion are presented in chapter v.

  3. Refer to the damage problem to the motor of c41 - 400 air hammer caused by driving system fault, an acknowledged improvement that is adding a v - belt driving into the system has been promoted with failure situations occasionally because of irrational supporting structures

    摘要針對c41 - 400型空氣錘由於傳動系統故障而導致電動機損壞的問題,通常的改進方案是增加一級v帶傳動,但由於對改造中的支承設計不合理而失敗的情況也時有發生。
  4. The load - control apparatus adopted a single - chip microcomputer system, whose mcu was a kind of high - speed processor - ds80c320, whose a / d switched apparatus was max180, whose low - pass filter was max293, whose f / v transformed circuit was lm331, whose controlled silicon phase - shift touch - off circuit was tca785, and whose communicating interface of rs232 was max202. the watchdog of the mcu was max705 and the system used an on - off electrical source to supply power

    球磨機負荷控制儀採用了單片機系統, mcu採用ds80c320高速處理器,採用max180作為md轉換器,低通濾波器為max293 , f v轉換電路利用lm331 ,可控硅移相觸發電路使用tca785 , rs232通信介面晶元採用max202 , mcu監控電路為max705 ,系統使用開關電源供電。
  5. The hspice simulation result shows a temperature coefficient of 11 ppm / " c from - 40 ? to 100 ' c and output voltage variation of 1mv for supply voltage range from 8 v to 18 v. due to novel curvature compensation, the circuit structure of the proposed reference is simple and both chip area and power consumption are small

    Hspice模擬結果顯示:該基準源在- 40 100的溫度變化范圍內,具有11ppm的低溫度系數;當電源電壓在8 18v變化時,輸出電壓變化量僅為1mv ;並且電路結構簡單,具有較小的晶元面積和功耗。