n. 名詞 (雙汽缸排成V形的)內燃機,V型發動機。

  • v:
  • engine: n. 1. 機械,機器。2. 引擎,蒸汽機,發動機。3. 機車,車頭。4. 工具;〈古語〉方法,手段。vt. 給…安裝發動機。


  1. Waves of heat danced above the engine hood.

  2. Determination of saturation v of fibre, saturation v of dyestuff and saturation factor in dyeing acrylic fibres with cationic dyes

  3. Repack mainly : install the new laser range finder, install the fire additional and accuse of the computer, change the diesel engine of model v - 53t containing high - power and new transmission, it is armoured to install side skirt board and bar type additional, allocate and bulldoze the shovel

    主要改裝:安裝新的激光測距儀,加裝火控計算機,換裝大功率的v - 53t型柴油發動機和新的傳動系統,加裝側裙板和柵欄式裝甲,配備推土鏟。
  4. Weighing in at 46 tons and propelled by the powerful maybach v. 12 cylinder engine, this tank destroyer had a well - banlanced fire power, protection and mobility to high standards

  5. In the system, the rotate speed sensor and torque sensor are fixed between the engine power output shaft of yanmar combine harvester and the power input shaft of working device. the signals of torque and rotate speed are preprocessed such as v / f, amplified. and the power is computed

    該系統在洋馬聯合收割機的發動機動力輸出與工作裝置的動力輸入軸之間安裝了轉速和扭矩傳感器,對轉速和扭矩傳感器的輸出信號進行v f轉換、放大等預處理,並計算出功率值。