• v:
  • junction: n. 1. 接合,連接,連絡。2. 接合點,交叉點,(河流的)匯合處,(鐵道的)聯軌點。3. 【電學】中繼線。4. 【物理學】接頭,結。


  1. Is mrs karen iversen, widow, v. rhus county hospital

    -寡婦karen iversen太太控告aarhus郡立醫院的案件
  2. Article 62 the people ' s bank of china has the right to check and supervise the deposits, loans, account settling and bad debts of the commercial banks at any time in accordance with the stipulations of chapters iii, iv and v of this law

  3. House junction boxes up to 1000 v ; inner design for distribution cable nakley and house junction cable nycy

    最高可達1kv的住宅接線盒.第6部分: nakley配電電纜和n
  4. Discussion is made on photocurrent output, injection current output and zero current output for photoreceiving pn junction by means of i - v equation of photoreceiving pn junction. further survey is carried out on physical elements of the injection photodetector followed by description of some experiment subjects

  5. Polycrystalline diamond films were deposited on n - type si substrates. in order to achieve a better distribution of the implanted element, boron ions were implanted by two steps. the i - v curves were studied, the p - n junction effect is very evident

    在n型引襯底上沉積一層連續的金剛石膜,通過二次離子注入的方法使b離子比較均勻的分佈在金剛石膜中,通過測量i - v曲線,可以明顯的看出p - n結效應的存在。