n. 名詞 V-1 型火箭〈第二次大戰末期德方的一種火箭炸彈,參見 V-1 條〉。

  • v:
  • one: adj 1 獨一個的,單一的。 one hand 一隻手。 one shot 只出一期的雜志。 O swallow doesn t make a sum...


  1. The circumference of the circle is 2πr and the time for one revolution is 2πr/v.

  2. One in nine love missives received on valentine ' s day were sent by people to themselves " to save face on the dreaded v - day, " according to a survey released by online retailer amazon. co. uk on thursday

    據英國網上零售商amazon . co . uk公司公布的一項調查,在情人節這天寄出的情書中有九分之一都是那些擔心自己在"可怕"的情人節這天收不到情人卡,為挽回面子自己為自己寄出的。
  3. One of the main goal of the phenix detector is to investigat the j / v production mechanism from relativistic heavy ion reaction

    廠。研究衣明,為了得到丁確的修小結采,盂要在aiollt , ct
  4. The sequence of hntx - v had been determined by 491 sequencer : nh2 - eclgfgkgcnpsdqccksanlvcsrkhrwckyei - cooh, in which there were 35 amino acid residues and six cys. the toxin could block neuromuscular transmission in an isolated mouse phrenic nerve diaphragm preparation. hntx - v is a natural mutant of hntx - iv, for there is only one different residue ( ala20ser )

    Hntx -經491測序儀測得其氨基酸組成為: nh2 - eclgfgkgcnpsdqccksanlvcsrkhrwckyei - cooh ,含35個氨基酸殘基, 6個半胱氨酸全部參與了二硫鍵的形成,該毒素對小鼠膈神經-膈肌標本有阻遏作用。
  5. Thirty - one crystals of polyoxometalates ( 1d, 2d, 3d ) were prepared by means of middle hydrothermal technique, molecular design and self - assembly, and characterized structurally by single crystal x - ray diffraction. the thermal stability, activity of catalysis and magnetism of some compounds were systematically studied. the continuous appearance of p - v - o, p - mo - o, v - mo - o, v - o system with novel structure enrich polyoxometalate chemistry, the reaction characterization and the synthesis law of molybdates, tungstates and vanadates under hydrothermal conditions were explored

    由於p - v - o 、 p - mo - o 、 v - mo - o 、 v - o體系新結構不斷出現,豐富了多金屬氧酸鹽化學,探討水熱條件下釩、鉬、鎢物種的反應特性和生成規律,研究原料的選擇、配比、加料順序、濃度、酸度、反應溫度、反應時間等因素對產物的生成及結構的影響,為新的催化劑、導電材料、磁性材料的研製與開發積累經驗。