n. 名詞 V-2 型火箭〈第二次大戰末期德方的一種火箭炸彈,參見V-2條〉。

  • v:
  • two: n. (pl. twos)1. 兩人;兩個東西,一對。2. 二的記號。3. 兩點鐘。4. 兩歲。n. -ness


  1. It is interesting that pma plus calcium ionophore a23187 can inhibit pma - induced pta1 expression, and this effect ca n ' t be reversed by calcmeurin inhibiter fk506. pta1 mabs can inhibit ctl activation and differentiation in mixed lymphocyte culture system when added at the beginning of the culture but can induce platelet activation and aggregation in the fc dependent manner. in 1997, pta1 cdna was cloned from cdna library of tpa activated jurkat cells, which belongs to immunoglobulin superfamily ( igsf ) with two v - like domains of extracelluar region of pta1

    Il - 2 、 tnf - 、 pma可以使t細胞pta1表達上調, tgf -可以下調pta1的表達,而pma加上鈣離子載體a23187可以顯著抑制pma的上調作用,且這種抑制作用不被calcineurin抑制劑fk506所逆轉, 1997年burns教授從pma活化的jurkat細胞cdna文庫中克隆了pta1cdna全長,證實pta1是一個新分子,屬于免疫球蛋白超家族,胞膜外區有兩個v樣結構域。
  2. Two arrangements are used, one for in - line engines and another for v - type engines

  3. Let xkv be the complete multigraph with v vertices, where any two distinct vertices x and y are joined by a edges ( z, y )

    設k _ v是有v個頂點的完全多重圖,其中任意兩個相異頂點x和y都由條邊( x , y )相連。
  4. Results as following : in the east china sea and the yellow sea, zooplankton showed higher diversity in the low latitude and warm species occurred mainly in the south of 31 n, five communities were distinguished by twinspan method, based on data of species composition and environmental factors. they are : i ) yellow sea neritic community ( f ) with indicator species of labidocera euchaeta in autumn and centropages mcmurrichi in spring ; ii ) yellow sea central community ( hc ) with indicator species of themisto gracilipes, calanus sinicus and euphausia pacifica, the latter two species occurred only in autumn ; iii ) east china sea continental shelf mixed water community ( k ) with indicator species such as rhincalanus cornutus and pterosagitta draco which were confined in waters with high temperature and salinity, iv ) yellow sea and east china sea mixed water community ( he ) and v ) east china sea inshore mixed water community ( m )

    根據twinspan等多元分析結果,比較各組群的浮遊動物種類組成和環境特徵,可將東、黃海浮遊動物群落分為5個,黃海沿岸群落( f ) ,指示種秋季為真刺唇角水蚤,春季為墨氏胸刺水蚤;黃海中部群落( hc ) ,指示種以細長腳蟲戎為主,秋季還有中華哲水蚤和太平洋磷蝦;東海外陸架高溫高鹽群落( k ) ,指示種為角錨哲水蚤、飛龍翼箭蟲等多種狹布型暖水種類;黃東海交匯區群落( he )和東海近岸混合群落( m ) ,兩群落包含多種生態類型種類,其中溫帶近岸低鹽種在he中較多,廣布性暖水種在m群落中較多。
  5. The thesis consists of four sections. in section one, we introduce some background of the topic, in section two we review some basic and recent results about the structure and hierarchies of the computably enumerable degrees which are closely related to our topic - the algebraic structure of the plus cupping turing degrees, in section three, we outline the basic principles of the priority tree argument, one of the main frameworks and tools of theorem proving in computability theory, and in section four, we prove a new result concerning the algebraic structure of the plus cupping turing degrees that there exist two computably enumerable degrees a, b such that a, b ? pc, and the join a v b of a and b is high

    本篇論文分為4個部分:第一部分介紹了這個領域的一些背景知識;第二部分主要回顧了前人在研究可計算枚舉度的結構和層譜時所取得的一些基本和最新結果,這些結果與我們的主題?加杯圖靈度的代數結構密切相關;在第三部分中,我們概要的描述了優先樹方法的基本原理,此方法是可計算性理論中定理證明的一個重要框架和工具;第四部分證明了一個加杯圖靈度代數結構的新結果:存在兩個可計算枚舉度a , b ,滿足a , b pc ,而且a和b的並a b是一個高度。