vacant building site中文意思是什麼

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  • vacant: adj 1 空無所有的,空虛的。2 (房子等)空著的,沒人住的;(位置等)空缺的。3 精神空虛的;茫然的,...
  • building: n. 1. 建築物,房屋,大樓,大廈。2. 製造;營造,建築;組合,組裝;建築術。
  • site: n 1 地點;位置;地基。2 場所,現場。3 遺址。4 【計算機】網站,站點〈電腦網路用戶的網站地址〉;萬...

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  1. Want to consult everybody : our company is cheng of charge for the making of sth., what build in building site in personnel of out - of - the - way place engineering is black car, cannot offer bill, encounter on finance affairs can you submit an expense account to them so

  2. Building site equipment. individual mobil platform

  3. I was going to take some bricks from the building site but a wee small voice stopped me from doing it

  4. Insurance time limit is cast oneself protect a project to begin construction or be used at be sure in building site when the material of the project, equipment transfers building site, rise, sign and issue to part or whole project to project everybody finishing check and accept certificate or check and accept qualification, project everybody is had actually or perhaps be used or receive this share or stop when whole project, with the person that happen first is accurate

  5. The managing object is the building site distributing everywhere. because of intrinsic geographic distributing feature of the distribution system, gis is much suitable for management of construction industry