vaccinating comb dxmv中文意思是什麼

vaccinating comb dxmv解釋

  • comb: n 1 梳,篦,梳機;【紡織;印染】精梳機;【航空】排管。2 雞冠;雞冠形物[山頂、浪頭等]。3 蜂房;【...

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  1. You have an adroit way of inserting your comb, which flatters the skin.

  2. Biogen - tab is an effective and invaluable medicine for many poultry diseases, particularly chronic respiratory disease, infectious coryza, salmonelloses fowl typhoid and paratyphoid infection, blue comb disease, fowl cholera, coccidiosis, and leucocytozoon disease. the diseases infected by virus, such as newcastl disease, avian encephalomyelitis are found not to be effected by biogen - tab treatment

    愛禽美對許多家禽疾病是相當有效的藥品,特別是慢性呼吸器病,通稱crd ,傳染性可利查,沙士桿菌病如家禽傷寒,副傷寒,藍冠病,家禽霍亂,球蟲病,及白冠病等但有些疾病,由病毒感染者無效如新城雞瘟,傳染性喉頭氣管炎
  3. I looked over this place with a fine-tooth comb.

  4. The fulanis will comb heaven and earth to find him

  5. Gripper has a gripping range of 12 m to 140 m. comb - drive actuator could generate more than 12 n gripping force

    測得夾持器的開合范圍為12 140 m ,夾持力大於12 n 。