音標 [ˌvæksi'neiʃən]
n. 名詞 【醫學】接種(疫苗);種痘;預防注射。
n. 名詞 -ist 主張(強迫)接種疫苗[種痘,預防注射]的人。


    1. Thinking of channels of fund used in dealing with the aftermath of abnormal reaction and accidence after vaccination

    2. Vaccination with dtwp opv can be continued with dtap - ipv and this transition is both safe and effective in acquiring immunity for your child

      以新疫苗dtap - ipv代替原有疫苗dtwp opv不但安全,而且能為兒童提供有效的免疫保護。
    3. Despite vaccination, one patient developed pneumococcal meningitis and another, pneumococcal bacteremia

    4. Vaccination is also contraindicated in pregnant women, infants, and people with hypersensitivity reactions to previous vaccination

    5. Finland requires the animal to be treated for hydatid tapeworm before travelling. sweden, ireland and the united kingdom require the animal has been blood tested for rabies antibodies at an approved laboratory at least 30 days after rabies vaccination and at least six months before travelling

      瑞典、愛爾蘭及英國規定貓狗須在認可的化驗所測試血液是否有足夠狂犬病抗體,驗血日期須為接種狂犬病疫苗之後最少3 0天,而且要在旅遊出發日期前最少六個月。