n. 名詞 【醫學】牛痘。
adj. 形容詞 -l


    1. Other orthpoxviruses that cause infections in humans include variola ( smallpox ), vaccinia ( used for smallpox vaccine ), and cowpox viruses

    2. The researchers began by removing two genes from a vaccinia virus that are necessary for its growth in normal cells

    3. They genetically engineered parts of an antibody from chimpanzees, which are immune to smallpox, and a human antibody. tests in mice showed it worked to prevent infection with vaccinia

    4. Hi our study, dendritic cells ( dcs ) were derived from the cultivation of peripheral blood monocytes in vitro successfully. then to observe whether dcs transfected with carcinoembryonic antigen ( cea ) - vaccinia recombinant virus ( rv - cea ) can induces cytotoxic t lymphocyte - mediated cea - specific immunity in vitro

      體外成功地完成了cd14 +單核細胞來源的樹突狀細胞( dc )的培養,並進一步研究人癌胚抗原重組痘苗病毒( rv - cea )轉染dc后體外誘導的cea特異性細胞免疫。
    5. To answer this question, a bispecific, trifunctional antibody constructs which can not only target block virus incorporated rca, but also can induce complement activation by it ' s fc fragment were designed and constructed and iv the role of this kind of bispecific antibody in virus neutralization was studied. 1. to test our idea, human immunodeficient virus ( hiv ) and enveloped extracellular virus ( eev ) of vaccinia virus ( vv ) were selected in our study because of their complex immune evasion stratiges, their threaten to humans, and because both these two kinds of virus can escape complement attack by incorporating host rca into their envelope

      以嚴重危害人類健康,且具有復雜免疫逃避機制的有包膜的hiv病毒及痘苗病毒的eev病毒為研究對象,首先對它們逃避補體攻擊的現象進行了驗證,探討了宿主膜補體調節蛋白cd55 、 cd59與hiv病毒及eev病毒免疫逃避的關系,評價了病毒結合的這兩種補體調節蛋白作為本研究提出的,通過消除病毒逃避補體攻擊的機制來恢復病毒對補體攻擊的敏感性,提高補體抗病毒效率這一抗病毒策略的靶點的可能性。