n. 名詞 vacuum 的復數。


    1. The mixture is then distilled in vacua.

    2. The minima of this multidimensional landscape ? the bottoms of depressions where a ball could come to rest ? correspond to the stable configurations of spacetime ( including branes and fluxes ), which are called stable vacua

      由於這個多維地景的極小值(球可以停駐的凹陷底部) ,對應著時空的穩定組態(包括膜與通量) ,所以稱為穩定真空。
    3. The huge number of choices ? at least 10120 vacua ? seemed to demand vast computational power, perhaps even a quantum computer

    4. The radiation spectrum for relativistic electron moving along curved spiral curve in plasmas is calculated, and also the formula of total energy emitted by a relativistic electron in vacua is derived

    5. Ultrahigh - vacuum components, meticulously cleaned according to “ voodoo ” recipes, produce the world ' s best vacua and protect the atoms from the violent collisions that occur in room - temperature gases such as the air around us