n. 名詞 【生物學】空泡;液泡。


    1. Aleurone grain ( aleurone body ) a modified vacuole found in the embryo and endosperm of seeds and containing mostly reserve proteins, but also phytic acid and various enzymes associated with mobilization ( digestion ) of these reserves

      糊粉粒(糊粉體) :在種子胚或胚乳中發現的經過修飾的液泡,裡面包含許多儲藏蛋白,植酸和各種各樣的酶。
    2. His found that a large number of crystal cell is one of the typical salt - resistant characteristics in high - saltnity halophytes, and the distribution of salt hydronium inside plants appears obvious regional characteristic of many arrangements : salt - hydronium - - vacuole - - despersed singal crystal cell or vacuole bags which contain salts - - vacuole bags or crystal cell in groups or distributed as groups - - little consecutive crystal cell ring of organ periphery - - consecutive crystal cell ring of organ periphery

    3. We used four different wavelength light including red light ( 750nm ), yellow light ( 580nm ), green light ( 560nm ), blue light ( 400nm ) to stimulate four different groups compound eyes. then the ultrastructures of the compound eyes of each group were observed under electron microscope. the results showed the fine structure of the photoreceptor, the diameter of rhabdom, the dimension of perirhabdom vacuole, the number of pinocytotic vesicle below the microsvilli, the location of pigment granules, the emergence of lamellar bodies and lysosomes in cytoplasm, were different in different light adaptation

      二、不同光照條件下復眼超微結構的變化三疣梭子蟹經過12h暗適應后,在不同波長的紅光( 750nm ) ,黃光( 580nm ) ,綠光( 560nm ) ,藍光( 400nm )照射下,其光感受器的小網膜細胞和感桿束的形態和超微結構呈現較大的區別,感桿束的形態、細胞內的胞器隨不同波長光的適應而發生變化,在紅光下感桿束直徑最大,微絨毛排列整齊,在藍光下感桿束直徑最小,微絨毛最凌亂。
    4. Na + / h + antiporter is one sort of protein which on the membrane or vacuole membrane, they can transport na + retrorsely out of the cell or into the vacuole. most of the algaes and the salt plants have this kind of protein

      Na ~ + h ~ +運輸蛋白是位於質膜和液泡上的一類運輸蛋白,它可以逆電化學梯度將na ~ +排出細胞外或區隔化于液泡中,普遍存在於藻類與鹽生植物中。
    5. This apparatus, which spans the membrane of the entry vacuole, serves as a conduit between the bacteria and the cytoplasm of the host cell