vacuum aspiration中文意思是什麼

vacuum aspiration解釋

  • vacuum: n (pl vacuums vac ua )1 真空;空處,空虛,空白。2 〈美口〉吸塵器(= vacuum cleaner)。vi vt 〈...
  • aspiration: n. 1. 熱望,切望,渴望;志願,願望,抱負 (for; after)。2. 【醫學】(從體腔中)吸出。3. 吸入。4. 【語音】發送氣音,送氣音。

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  1. Positrons and antiprotons can individually be stored in a device called a penning trap, which uses a combination of magnetic and electric fields to hold charged particles in a vacuum

  2. The whole apparatus operates under high vacuum.

  3. Jzl appropriative recycle vacuum insulation oil purifier

  4. Manufacturing technique of wax microcrystalline : with crude oil vacuum residua fractions as material, it is made from propane taking off asphaltum, furfural refining, ketone benzene taking off oil, and argil refining

  5. According to the frequently used methods of extraction and isolation of natural products from organic body, the freeze - dried ascidian tunica was exhaustively extracted with 100 % chloroform then the combined extracts were filtered and the solvent was separately concentrated under vacuum to yield a dark - brown gum