vacuum flask中文意思是什麼

vacuum flask解釋
vacuum flask = vacuum bottle.

  • vacuum: n (pl vacuums vac ua )1 真空;空處,空虛,空白。2 〈美口〉吸塵器(= vacuum cleaner)。vi vt 〈...
  • flask: n. 1. 瓶,長頸瓶。2. 【化學】燒瓶。3. (攜帶用)扁瓶。4. (打獵用的)火藥筒。5. 【機械工程】沙箱,砂型。
  1. Dewar vacuum flask

  2. This method involves freezing the protein solution on the walls of a round bottomed flask and sublimating the liquid in a vacuum.

  3. Inner containers of the vacuum flask - resistance to vertical load. test method

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