vacuum potting中文意思是什麼

vacuum potting解釋

  • vacuum: n (pl vacuums vac ua )1 真空;空處,空虛,空白。2 〈美口〉吸塵器(= vacuum cleaner)。vi vt 〈...
  • potting: n. 1. 陶器製造。2. 裝壺,裝瓶。3. 盆栽。

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  1. Remote sensing in ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet can help us recognize many spatial phenomenon, such as dayside and nightside airglow, aurora. so it ' s very important

  2. Bs vacuum plating over alum knob, round, mfg. of taiwan

  3. Positrons and antiprotons can individually be stored in a device called a penning trap, which uses a combination of magnetic and electric fields to hold charged particles in a vacuum

  4. Jzl appropriative recycle vacuum insulation oil purifier

  5. According to the frequently used methods of extraction and isolation of natural products from organic body, the freeze - dried ascidian tunica was exhaustively extracted with 100 % chloroform then the combined extracts were filtered and the solvent was separately concentrated under vacuum to yield a dark - brown gum