vague image中文意思是什麼

vague image解釋

  • vague: adj 1 含糊的,籠統的,曖昧的;不說明的。2 無表情的;發呆的,出神的。n 模糊不定狀態。 My plans are...
  • image: n 1 像,肖像,畫像;偶像。2 影像,圖像。3 相像的人(或物);翻版。4 形像,典型。5 形像化的描繪。6...

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  1. The time exposure blurred the people in the center, creating “ an image of cosmic motion, ” said abercrombie

    這幅照片因為曝光時間較長,模糊了中間的人影,創造出「一種天旋地轉的景象。 」
  2. The departures of an actual image from the prediction of simple theory are called aberrations.

  3. Agreement may be achievable only by formulas so vague as to invite later disavowal or disagreement.

  4. In aerial survey and photogrammetric services, the office is developing a new series of an orthophoto image covering the region

  5. In the upper left - hand corner, the vague image like a ufo is very mysterious, as if its leading us into a new era. the yellow lines covering the whole picture are as gentle as moonlight, and the tiny dots are just like stars. by imagining ourselves in the picture, we feel as if were being engulfed by the compassionate love of a mother