音標 ['vælju:, -ju]
n. 名詞 1. 價值;重要性;益處。
2. 估價,評價。
3. 價格,所值;交換力。
4. (郵票的)面值。
5. 等值;值得花的代價。
6. (字等的)真義,意義。
7. 【數學】值;【語言學】音值;【生物學】(分類上的)等級;【音樂】音的長短;【繪畫】明暗配合。
8. 〈 pl. 〉生活的理想,道德價值;社會準則。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 給…估價,定…的價。
2. 對…作出評價;尊重,看重(Troops are valued for quality rather than for number. 兵貴精不貴多)。


    1. Analysis of the strategic cost management mode under abm and value chain analysis

    2. The third part of this article mainly discussed the value and function of education on literature of high school. it points out that education on literature of high school can be affluent in the knowledge of science and culture of students and it has great function on improving students " abuttal of appreciating beauty, on building humanities spirit to intigrate the character of the middle school students, on broading the thoughts and improving the aptitude of application for language

      指出:中學文學教育可以豐富中學生的科學文化知識,對于提升中學生的審美境界、構建中學生的人文精神? ? 「健全中學生的人格」 ,以及開闊中學生的思維、提高中學生的語言應用能力有巨大的功用。第四部分探討了中學文學教育的主要內容? ?中學文學知識、文學欣賞、文學評論、文學寫作教育及其與之相關的教育要求。
    3. By analyzing the cultural atmosphere, singificance and value direction masked by contemporary writer ' s " hot - study of a dream of red mansions ", this article regards that writer ' s deconstruction for " a dream of red mansions " is not only the instructions and demand of academical writers ' s pursuit, but also the producer excruciation, introspection, reconstruction in his spiritual word in the atmosphere of the lost of traditional chinese culture and the marginalized literature condition

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